The holy festival of Easter, is the day Lord Jesus Christ resurrected and ascended to Heaven. It is the culmination of the Holy Week, during which period Lord Jesus shares powerful teachings and messages for Mankind. In this Easter themed crossword puzzle, identify the words based on the provided clues.
sunday, The Holy Week starts on this weekday with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, a, 0, 1 ego, Significance of the Cross as explained by Swami, a, 3, 9 revelation, This book of the New Testament describes the Second Coming, a, 4, 0 passover, The Jewish festival celebrating God's mercy when the Plague struck Egypt, a, 7, 4 resurrection, The triumph of Jesus over death and His attainment of Eternal Life, a, 9, 4 yesu, Christ is known by this name in a few other languages , a, 12, 12 easter, Festival celebrating the Resurrection , a, 15, 8 calvary, Hill-top where Lord Jesus Christ's tomb is located, a, 16, 2 palm, A symbol of goodness & victory, these leaves where waved when Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem, a, 18, 0 seven, This number is a holy number for many religions occurring in the Bible and Quran, a, 19, 3 spikenard, Mary offered this at Jesus' feet with love and devotion, d, 0, 1 holyspirit, The name for the divine element in all of His creation, d, 2, 4 lent, Period of fasting and prayer in preparation for Easter, d, 2, 9 peter, The disciple who learnt the lesson of non-violence when Jesus said, 'Those who live by the Sword shall perish by it', d, 6, 10 thomas, The apostle who traveled as Far East as India, d, 7, 14 samaveda, Same as 12d - but in a different religion, d, 9, 6 donkey, Jesus Christ rode on this humble animal signifying His advent of peace, d, 11, 8 yule, Old name for the festival of the Birth of Jesus Christ, d, 12, 12 psalms, Prayers sung commonly - literally meaning Music, d, 14, 3