In this puzzle, we'll identify some of the places in and around Prasanthi Nilayam that have played a significant role in the advent of Bahgawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Use the below clues to identify the places hidden within this word maze.
The most important One. Swami's grandfather built a temple for ________ after she appeared in his dream and said Krishna had descended on Earth. The idol in this temple is said to have exuded sweet strains of the flute. Swami inaugurated these to provide quality healthcare to all the residents of Puttaparthi and neighboring villages. Some of these are now internationally reputed and treat patients from around the world. See the Stars and the Firmament here. Swami planted a yantra (spiritual device) under this tree. Seekers flock to this tree, sit under its branches and ____________. For several decades, this tree bestowed whatever Swami willed. This towering structure is the Main Entrance to the Sai Kulwant Hall. The __________ Jyoti museum hosts many artifacts related to the Sai Avatar, such as the Tonga (horse-cart) that Shirdi Baba used to ride in Chincholi. When it was built, the largest free standing hall without the use of pillars. Its name also means the Full Moon. When Swami sang Rama bhajans at the ___________ temple as a young boy along with his friends, a monkey appeared and implied Swami to stop.
Puzzle courtesy - submitted by a devotee