Aravinda Lochana Aartha Janavana Parthi Pureeshwara
Aravinda Lochana Aartha Janavana Parthi Pureeshwara Ram
Suguna Manohara Suruchira Roopa Sundara Nayanabhi Ram
Shyamala Komala Vaidehi Mohana Karuna Sagara Ram
Bandha Vimochana Bhava Bhaya Bhanjana Bhaava Priya Sai Ram
Sri Raghu Nandana Parama Niranjana Maruthi Sevita Ram

Lord Sai Ram, with eyes shaped like lotus petals, is the uplifter of the downtrodden in this world. His qualities, like His beautiful eyes, are bewitching to all. He is soft, dark-hued, the enchanter of Vaidehi (Sita), and is the ocean of compassion. Lord Sai Ram relieves us from all bondages to the world, removes fear and ignorance, and is the lover of His devotees. Glory to Lord Ram of the Raghu dynasty, the supremely pure one constantly worshipped by Maruthi (Hanuman).

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