Bhaja Sai Natham Bhaja Sai
Bhaja Sai Natham Bhaja Sai Natham Sai Natham Bhajarey Manasa
Parthi Pureesham Prashanthi Nilayam Parama Pavitram Paramatma Roopam
Shirdi Nivasam Shiva Sayeesham
Shantha Swabhavam Shankara Roopam [ Bhaja Sai Natham ... ]
Chinmayanandam Chithravathi Teeram Chitha Pariharam Chinni Sai Natham
Neela Mandaram Divya Swabhavam
Dattatreyam Deiva Swaroopam [ Bhaja Sai Natham ... ]
Sathya Swaroopam Sadguru Charanam Samba Shivoham Sarthaka Naamam
Jyothi Swaroopam Preeti Swabhavam Parthi Nivasam Paapa Vinasham

O mind, chant the name of Lord Sai who is the sacred form of supreme Lord residing at Prashanthi Nilayam. He resides in Shirdi as Shiva Sai. He is the embodiment of peace, auspiciousness and bliss, dwelling at the shores of Chitravathi river sanctifying us. He is Lord Dattatreya. His form is Truth. He is the Divine Preceptor under whose lotus feet let us reside. His form is effulgent, lovable and which destroys sins.

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