Jagadodharaka Janaki Rama
Jagadodharaka Janaki Rama
Paramodhara Pattabhi Rama
Lakshmana Sevitha Lavanya Rama
Rajeeva Nayana Ranjana Rama
Raja Rama Ravikula Soma
Ravana Mardhana Rakshaka Rama
Moksha Pradayaka Mohana Rama
Maruti Poojita Manobhi Rama

Lord Rama is the Supreme uplifter of the world, consort of Mother Janaki and the crowned King of Ayodhya. Lord Rama is served by His younger brother Lakshmana, Handsome and lotus eyed. He is the cream of the Solar dynasty who vanquished the evil Ravana. Rama who has a pleasing personality, is worshipped by Maruti, the Guardian of His devotees and grants Liberation.
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