Krishna, my lord, I adore Thee
Krishna, my lord, I adore Thee
Song of your flute flows so sweetly
Blissfully dancing for me
Until I surrender completely (2x)
You're luring me away from every worldly joy
With such an ecstasy divine
With You I want to stay, enchanting, dark-skinned boy
Now that I know that You are mine (2x)
Krishna, my lord, come to me
Dance through the forest of my heart
Make me Your flute, breathe through me
That we may never be apart (2x)
Oh, make me straight and true along the path that You have shown
In all I think and do and say
Of hollowest bamboo, with no desires of my own
For any tune you wish to play (2x)
Krishna, my love, come to me [ Dance through ... never be apart ]

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