Murali Gaana Lola Nanda Gopa
Murali Gaana Lola Nanda Gopa Bala Raavo Raavo Radha Lola Radha Lola
Treta Yugamuna Sita Ramudai
Dwapara Yugamuna Radha Loludai
Geetanu Drapina Taraka Naamudai
Yuga Yuga Manduna Kaguroopa Dariyai

Welcome Oh Lord Krishna, King Nanada's Son, the beloved of Radha. In the Age of Treta you incarnated as Rama. In the Age of Dwapara you were enchanted by Radha and taught the Sacred Hymns of Geetha and you were the liberator of humanity and in every Age you were the most beautiful one to look at.
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