Naada Brahmamayi Sayeeshwari
Naada Brahmamayi Sayeeshwari
Bhagawathi Mata Krupa Sagari [ Naada ... ]
Varahi Vaishnavi Vageshwari
Matangi Mahamaye Mookambikey
Parameshwari Hari Sodari
Bhava Bhaya Haarini Sathya Sayeeshwari

Oh Mother Sai! The abode of divine music! Oh Divine Mother! Oh Ocean of compassion! The Mother adored by various names, Varahi (a form of Shakthi), Vaishnavi (the sister of Vishnu), One who is the bestower of speech, The Mother who is worshipped as Meenakshi, Mahamaye and Mookambike in various forms in temples, One Who is the sister of Vishnu! One who is the Supreme Mother, One Who removes the fear of worldly existence, Oh Mother Sathya Sai!
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