Nandana Yadu Nandana Anandana Chitha
Nandana Yadu Nandana Anandana Chitha Chandana
Vandana Guru Vandana Sathya Sai Satchidanandana
Sundara Mukharavindana
Govindana Gopalana
Radha Madhava Mohana
Muralidhara Madhusudhana

O Lord Krishna, son of the cowherd chieftain Nanda, You are the source of joy. You are the sandal fragrance of the heart. Salutations to the Guru, the Preceptor Sai, who is the embodiment of Truth, Existence and Bliss. You are the one with a beautiful lotus-like face. You are verily the Protector of cows, the cowherd boy Krishna. You are the Lord of the cowherd girl Radha and are the enchanting one. You are the one who holds the flute and the one who killed the demon Madhu.

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