Neelakanta Mahadeva Gowri Vandana
Neelakanta Mahadeva Gowri Vandana
Chandra Chooda Daya Natha Nandi Vahana
Samba Shiva Shooladhari Naga Bhooshana
Phaala Netra Uma Kantha Parama Pavana

O God of Gods, Mahadeva (Shiva), the blue-throated one, You are worshipped by the Divine Mother Gowri. You are adorned with the moon on Your tresses, You bless the Nandi (the great bull) as Your vehicle. You are full of compassion. You carry the Trident and wear the snake as ornament. With Mother Uma as consort, You are adorned with the third eye and the purest of the Pure. Bless us all at all times.

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