Pancha Bhoothamayi Parthi Nivasini
Pancha Bhoothamayi Parthi Nivasini
Panchaksharamayi Pavani Janani [ Pancha Bhootha ... ]
Sanchitha Karma Vinashini Janani
Satchidanandamayi Sai Janani
Omkara Roopini Tejonmaya Mayi
Om Shakthi Om Shakthi Shiva Shakthi Roopini
Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om (3)

Bow to Mother Sai, who pervades the five elements, who is the source of the five-syllabled mantra (Om Namah Shivaya), the one who destroys the stored karma of an individual, the one who is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. Oh Mother Sai, You are the embodiment of the primordial sound Aum, the effulgence that pervades and sustains the illusory power, the incarnation of Shiva and Shakti.

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