Pannaga Shayana Kali Avatara
Pannaga Shayana Kali Avatara
Narayana Hari Om
Parama Niranjana Neeraja Nayana
Sayeeshwaraya Hari Om
Buddhi Pradayaka Paapa Vinashaka
Sathya Sanathana Tum Ho
Deena Natha Hey Prabhu Parameshwara
Karuna Sagara Tum Ho

Salutations to Lord Narayana who rests on the multi-headed cobra. O Lord Sai, You are the incarnation of the Kali Age. You are the supremely pure, lotus-eyed one. You are the granter of liberating wisdom, the destroyer of sins. You are the eternal reality and the savior of the dejected and destitute. You are the ocean of mercy.

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