Parama Dayalu Sai Ram (Hey)
Parama Dayalu Sai Ram (Hey)
Bhagawan Bhagawan [ (Hey) Parama Dayalu ... ]
Treta Yug Mey Dasharatha Nandana
Dwapara Yug Mey Murali Mohana
Kali Yuga Mey Sai Narayana
Ek Prabhu Anek Naam

Oh Lord Sai! Thou art extremely merciful. Thou incarnated as Rama, son of King Dasharatha in the age of Treta. In the age of Dwapara, as charming and enchanting Flutist, Krishna and in this present age of Kali, as Lord Sai Narayana. You are the One Lord assuming many names and forms.

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