Poojinthamu Mana Sai Nee Jaya
Poojinthamu Mana Sai Nee Jaya Sai Nee Sarveshunee Jagadeeshunee

Chithravathi Teeramu Parama Pavanamu
Veda Vedanthudaina Sai Mahaatmuni
Nammina Bhakthula Baadala Maapaga
Velasiyunde Parthi Sayeeshuni Maheshwaru Nee Parathparu Nee Krupakaru Nee [ Poojinthamu … Jagadeeshunee ]

Maruvamalya Roja Haaramulane Vesi
Dhoopa Deepamulane Veleginche Swami Ki
Pancha Bhakshana Naivedyamulane Chesi
Palinchi Broche Sai Nathu Nee Shirdi Vasu Nee Partheeshu Nee Sathya Swami Nee [ Poojinthamu … Jagadeeshunee ]

Bhaktha Vatsalanee Paadame Gatiyani
Bhajanalu Chesi Bhakthi Shraddhalato
Vandanamulu Chesi Varamulane Vedi
Mangalamulu Padi Jaya Harathi Mangala Harathi Mutyaala Harathi Karpoora Harathi [ Poojinthamu … Jagadeeshunee ]

We offer our prayers to our Lord Sai, the Lord of all, the Lord of the Universe.


1. The supremely sacred banks of river Chitravathi were sanctified by the great Supreme Soul Sai, who is the source of Vedas and Vedic Philosphy (Vedanta); He removes the afflictions of all those who believe in Him. He is the most compassionate Supreme Being who incarnated in Puttaparti as Sai and as Maheshwara, the greatest of the Lords.


2. By making the garlands with Maruva (fragrant green leaf), Jasmine and Rose, by lighting the lamps and incense sticks, by offering the Panch-Bhakshan (5 types of sacred food), we pray to the One, who protects us - Lord Sai, the dweller of Shirdi and Parti.


3. The devotees consider Your divine lotus feet as refuge. By singing devotional songs with devotion and concentration, by offering salutations and praying for boons (blessings), we sing the Arathi which is most auspicious, victorious, pearly and perform the ritual with camphor.

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