Rama Dhyana Nirata Anjaneya
Rama Dhyana Nirata Anjaneya
Rama Seva Vratha Hanumantha
Swami Mukhya Prana Pavamana
Daithya Kulaantaka Mahavira
Anjanadri Vasa Gunavanta
Daasanudaasa (Sri Rama Daasa) Hanumantha [ Rama Dhyana … Hanumantha ]
Maayaavi Bhanjana Balabheema
Maaravi Daya Ghana Rama Dootha
Muni Guna Kapivara Vatatmaja [ Daasanudaasa ... ]

Salutations to Anjaneya, who is always immersed in meditation on Lord Rama, who has taken a vow to be at service to Lord Rama and who has won the confidence of Lord Rama. Hanuman is the champion uprooter of the demon race, the storehouse of good qualities, who lives in the Anjanaadri Hills. He is the one who serves those who serve the Lord, the true servant of Lord Rama.

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