Rama Naama Smaranam Sada Mokshanandakaram
Rama Naama Smaranam Sada Mokshanandakaram
Sri Krishna Naama Smaranam Sada Hrudaya Kutuhalam
Sri Govinda Naama Smaranam Sada Lakshmi Krupakaram
Sri Anjaneya Smaranam Sada Dhairyanandakaram
Sri Sai Naama Smaranam Sada Sarva Anandakaram

Chanting Rama's name continuously confers liberation. Chanting Krishna's name repeatedly confers enthusiasm in the Heart. Chanting Govinda's name repeatedly confers prosperity. Chanting the Name of Anjaneya (Hanuman) continuously confers courage or fearlessness. Chanting the Name of Sai always confers bliss for all.
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