Rama Rama Ram Raghu Nandana
Rama Rama Ram Raghu Nandana Atma Ram (Sri)
Sri Rama Rama Ram Dasharatha Nandana Ram [ Rama Rama ... ]
Kausalyatmaja Vaidehi Priya Ayodhya Vasi Ram
Dasha Mukha Mardhana Maruti Sevitha Veera Kodanda Ram
Eshwaramba Priya Sutha Hey Avatari Sai Ram
Jai Jai Ram Janaki Ram
Jai Jai Ram Sita (Sai) Ram

Sing the Divine Name of Lord Rama, the son of Dasharatha. Lord Rama was the very life of His mother Kausalya and was the chief of the Raghu clan. Chant the name of Sita's consort, the handsome Rama, the resident of Ayodhya. Glory to Lord Rama who destroyed Ravana with His famous bow, Kodanda. He is served by Hanuman (Maruti). Sing the name of the son of Eshwaramba, the Lord of Puttaparthi, Lord Sai Rama.

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