Sri Ganesha Shivuni Kumara Shritha
Sri Ganesha Shivuni Kumara Shritha Jana Vinuta Prabho
Sri Gananatha Sevitha Paada (3)
Naagati Neevani Nammiti Sada
Nagabharana Nanu Daya Ganavaa [ Sri Ganesha ... ]

Iddari Tallula Muddu Kumara (3)
Bhakthuda Naiti Nee Vaddai Jerpara
Koddi Krupanu Naakosagi Brovara [ Sri Ganesha ... ]

Koggu Gamana Naa Dikku Niveraa (3)
Makkuvuto Na Madi Nilpitiraa
Akkara Seyaka Aadharincharaa [ Sri Ganesha ... ]

Sajjana Sadhula Sannuta Charana (3)
Kujja Deva Gajaasura Harana
Bojja Vishala Vijaya Gajanana [ Sri Ganesha ... ]

Sri Kailasapura Vighnesha (3)
Moravini Karunato Mammu Kaavamu Esha
Dvirada Vadana Shantha Prakasha [ Sri Ganesha ... ]

Sri Sayeeshuni Sevaka Janulamu (3)
Sai Bhajanalu Cheyuta Manayamu
Jayam Idarava Raayamuna Deva Bhakthulu Kaavaa [ Sri Ganesha ... ]

O Lord Ganesha, son of Shiva, please listen to our prayers; we pay our obeisance. I have always believed that You are my ultimate goal, O Ganesha, ornamented by a serpent. Please show Your compassion on me. O sweet son of two mothers (Parvathi and Ganga), we are Your devotees. Take us across the shore; please shower a little grace on us. O Ganesha, You who walk slowly are our only recourse. We sing Your name with great adoration. Do not delay our Lord, come and bless us. O elephant-faced one, You are worshipped by the upright and the seers. You are short in height, big bellied and always victorious, O the slayer of demon Gajasura. O destroyer of all obstacles, the resident of Kailasa, listen to our prayers with compassion. Come and bless us, O Lord, You have the body of two beings and You are glowing with peace. O Ganesha, we are the servants of Sai and we sing His songs. Have compassion on us and come quickly.

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