Swamiyey Sharanam Sharanam Ayyappa (2)
Swamiyey Sharanam Sharanam Ayyappa (2)
Sayeesha Sharanam Sharanam Sayeesha (2) [ Swamiyey Sharanam ... ]
Sabari Giri Vasa Dharma Shastha
Parthi Puri Vasa Dharma Rakshaka
Mohini Bala Pampa Vasa
Eshwari Bala Chithravathi Vasa
Bhaktha Samrakshaka Kali Avatara (2)
Swamiyey Sharanam Sharanam Ayyappa (3)
Sharanam Sharanam Ayyappa (2)

I surrender myself to thee O Lord Ayyappa, son of Mohini, who has incarnated to establish righteousness on Earth residing on the hills of Sabari near the river Pampa. I surrender myself to Lord Sai, son of Mother Eshwaramba residing on the banks of river Chitravathi, the incarnated in this Kali age to protect His devotees.

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