Tumhey Namaskar Sai Baba Tumhey
Tumhey Namaskar Sai Baba Tumhey Namaskar Sai Baba
Pranam Mera Sweekar Bhagawan Parthi Puri Sai Deva [ Tumhey Namaskar ... ]
Hey Shiva Linga Dhari Baba Hey Ananda Dayi Baba [ Pranam Mera ... ]
Hey Vibhuti Sundara Baba Tum Ati Sundara Sai Baba (2)

Accept our repeated obeisance O Lord Sai Baba, the Lord of Parthi, the one who bears the Shiva Linga and the giver of supreme bliss. You smear Yourself with Vibhuti (Holy Ash) and You are the most beautiful Sai.

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